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Ear Crawlers, Jackets, and Peek-A-Boos

Posted by Julie Lillis on

Earrings are a staple in the accessory world.  They frame the face and are often the finishing touch to tie any outfit together.  Personally, I never leave the house without earrings on.  I literally feel naked.  I was recently at a child's birthday party and realized I had run out of the house without any jewelry on.  I had also forgotten the gift and Jack's diaper bag because Mom Brain.  Luckily, there were plenty of other moms there that were far more prepared and shared their supplies.  We hadn't been there long when I realized I kept self consciously tugging at my earlobes.  Finally, I asked my BFF to watch Jack while I ran out to the car desperately rummaging for a pair of earrings.  Often times, I take them off while I'm driving home after a long day.  As suspected, I had 3 pairs in the center console, none of which would have been my pick for what I was wearing that day.  I had a pair of statement earrings in bold green/blue tones, pearl chandelier earrings, and a pair of crystal danglies (I think I just made that word up but you know what I mean, right?).  I chose the crystal danglies because they were the smallest of the 3 and paired best with my casual go-to mom outfit (leggings and a long top).  I reentered the party and felt so much better.  I started looking around at all the other moms and admired how put together everyone looked.  One mom had her hair nicely curled, another was fully accessorized with all the latest trends, and another in a maxi dress that looked beautiful and comfortable (win-win).  One mom was wearing an outfit almost identical to mine.  She had on only her wedding ring and the cutest pair of ear jackets.  They weren't flashy or big but the detail in them really stood out to me.  She made her casual, basic outfit look current and trendy by adding this one tiny detail.  I loved it so much that I was inspired to pull together all of CJewels' ear jackets, crawlers, and peek-a-boos and spotlight them in this week's post.


An ear jacket usually features a stud that goes through the front of the ear with an attachment at the back of the earring that hangs below the lobe.

Glendyl:  Crystal ear jackets in gold

Devlin:  ear jackets with triangular marble-esque stones in ivory with blue veining encased in a gold plated setting

Sia:  Round semi precious stone ear jackets with chain drop in light gray and gold (this picture shows the Sia earrings in light pink, however, only the light gray are available at this time),


Pretty self explanatory, this style earring starts from the bottom and "crawls" up the lobe.

Bella Farfalla:  it's name means "beautiful butterfly" in Italian.  These beauties come in silver or gold.

Selenya:  This earring set features 3 pairs of crystal accented gold earrings. Braided crystal studs, crescent moon studs, and a crystal ear crawler. Wear them together, separate, or mismatched. The options are unlimited! 

Estonia:  Crystal bezel faux stone ear crawler set. The crawler sits in the right ear and the single stud goes on the left ear.


This double sided style earring is perfect for a ponytail or updo so that they can be easily admired from all angles.

Faye:  These peek-a-boo studs feature a silver sparkly disc encased in gold with a pearl back.

Jaimie:  peek-a-boo studs in turquoise and white faux pearl.  

Peek-a-Boo Pearls in gold or silver.

I've linked all of these beauties for your convenience.  We absolutely love these ear jackets, crawlers, and peek-a-boos.  Let us know what you think of our picks for these 3 earring trends.

She is...a trendsetter.

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