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iamcjewels.jpg While working my way up to executive management in banking and doubling as a single mom to two—CJ and Julie—I have quickly learned the value of the dollar. As I established myself in the banking industry, I noticed that appearance and image can either make or break you. And as a young single mom, the beginning stages of my career really tested my budgeting skills: I needed a wardrobe to fit the part, with accessories to match. I’ve learned so much thus far, and if there’s anything I’d relay to you now, it’s that your style should not suffer because of your salary!


My daughter and I have created Cjewels to give you the affordable luxury you deserve—bridging the gap between high-fashion trends and work-appropriate styles. We know how important it is to express yourself through your own sense of style, and there’s no way we’re letting a price tag stop you from strutting your stuff. There’s something at Cjewels for every woman, every lifestyle, and we can’t wait to help you pull together that perfect outfit—whatever it may be!